July 14, 2022

Morgan Salinas

Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

If you’ve already convinced yourself that you don’t want a wedding film.. or can’t afford one please stop now and let’s do some time traveling

Why you NEED a Wedding Film

It’s 2021, not 1980 where film cameras aren’t available for weddings. Let’s fast forward 50 years from now. You might be sitting on the couch with your grandkids looking at your wedding photos and then they say, “can we see your wedding film!?” Because no child in the future is going to be able to understand why you didn’t film every waking moment of your life, let alone your wedding day. Videos of everything is going to be expected at that point. So it makes sense to get your wedding day filmed since every other second of your life is on video.

Let’s imagine that you said, “Yes! Let me grab my adorable box with a fancy thumb drive that I got from Morgan from Love in Bloom Films!” You sit on the couch, click play and your eyes are swelling up with tears. You hear your young voice, see your young smile and laugh to yourself about all the hardships you never saw coming. Your grandchild looks back at you and your life partner yelling, “oh my gosh, you guys were HOT!” 

Now, you probably think that is a bit of a reach. In 2019, all of that went racing through my mind when I saw my grandparents super 8 films and I got to see them on their wedding day. 

My grandparents super 8 wedding film

Reasons you should book a wedding videographer

1. Video ages better than photos (sorry photographer friends)

I’ve delayed saying this for so long because I don’t want to insult a photographer’s craft, but video and photo, although alike, are SO different. Unless your photographer is going to be filming your wedding too, your memories are only going to be lasting in frozen form. Video allows you to see yourselves in real time. IN MY OPINION, sacrificing a wedding film to pay your photographer your full photo & video budget, isn’t worth it. Especially if you WANT video.

Photos are photos and video is video. When there’s a funny moment a friend always says, “man, I wish I got that on video.”

 What are you going to say after your wedding day?  

2. The audio


Some small details you’ll for sure forget (especially if you don’t have a film), but should you forget what you promised your forever partner!? I’m pretty sure the answer is no. Do you want to forget what your lifelong bestie said at your wedding? 

3. It’s your families history, not just a wedding film.

Can someone please name me a time where both sides of you and your s.o.’s family will all be in the same place, other than your wedding day? That’s what I thought. 

This isn’t just your wedding day let alone just your wedding film. These are real memories with real people where no one is immortal. When a loved one passes away, having those moving memories with audio and genuine moments there to remind you of their joy that they brought is a gift in itself. Allow yourself to invest not only in a memory for yourself, but those close one’s by you too. 

4. You are the star for the day – embrace it!

These highlight films are artistic, fun and true to your love! You’re all dressed to the nines looking fancy as heck, freaking document it. Let yourself feel famous and then look back at you and your boo being the main feature in your short film. And it deserves a freaking grammy because you’re just so fancy. 

Romanticize your life, romanticize your wedding day, let it happen! 

5. The basic either you drank too much, or just forgot everything that just happened the day before.

It happens to everyone. Don’t worry. You wake up, the day after your wedding, and your body is sore, you’re so tired, and you can’t remember pretty much anything. Let alone why you cried so much. 

A wedding film brings back those emotions from the aisle to the dancing. Don’t let one memory go to waste and let me help you make them last a lifetime 🙂

Still need convincing? We’re an open book, talk to us!

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