July 14, 2022

Morgan Salinas

What is Super 8 Film and Why is it Trendy?

What is Super 8 Film?

My family’s super 8 film from the 1970s

Oh super 8. I am just in love with it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch the video from above. These video is a compilation of vhs and super 8 film from my Grandpa who always had a camera in his hand. I strongly believe that my calling to film weddings, and all the special moments of life, came from him.

Here is what it looks like when your wedding film comes with a touch of nostalgia. All thanks to the famous super 8 camera. You’ll most likely say, “hey I have that filter saved for my instagram stories, how’s it different?”

Don’t even get me started. 

The super 8 footage from above isn’t captured on the newest apple phone that has 3 fancy lenses and can fit in my pocket. No, It’s captured on a vintage super 8 film camera from 1962. The camera is older than my mom! Crazy! Not my dad though, he’s old, old. 

Why is it trendy?

If you love all those “vintage” instagram filters, you will love the genuine film even more. That’s why I give each of my couples a super 8 reel in their wedding package, even if they don’t want it. It’s part of my brands story and I absolutely love it, so I’ll never not use it. The nostalgic feel that these genuine camera’s give is priceless and unmatched. Let me describe to you digital video vs. reel video. The difference will blow your mind and hopefully let you appreciate older styles of film more! 

What’s the difference between digital and film?

We shoot with Sony cameras, notoriously known for their mirrorless and sharp imaging. The processing of the footage I’m capturing is simply being copied to a card in a coding language that allows a viewer to see all of those numbers come back to life on a screen. Honestly a really difficult thing to understand, let alone explain.

Now on the film side, it’s simply all about light. While the process is similar to classic disposable camera film or a 35mm point and shoot, super 8 happens to be even cooler.

The scan and digitization process of Super 8 film

When you shoot on a Super 8 camera you have a circular film cartridge that when you hit the “record” button the Rube Goldberg machine inside turns the film, taking photos continuously. Although Super 8 translates to video once it’s all done, it doesn’t start that way. When the reel is turning and meeting with the light from the lens, the camera is actually just taking photos extremely quickly. This can happen at 18, 25, or even 54 frames per second. Once you’ve reached the end of the film, which is 50 ft long, about 3 minutes of video (at 18fps), the real amazing part happens. First, the light has imprinted a moment on the film and it needs to be developed in a solution similar to one found in a red room. Once each frame is developed it then needs to be scanned from genuine frames to “codings” so that you can download, post and watch it on a phone or computer. 

Bring Super 8 film to your wedding day!

Here at Love in Bloom we shoot for the stars with each wedding film. We provide our clients with a great experience and collection of memories to remember the day with for generations to come. We offer collections that have both digital and super 8, alongside collections that are only super 8. Regardless of the collection you choose, our emotive come with the perfect touch of nostalgia. Reach out to us here 🙂

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