Love in Bloom is a videography and photography boutique service,  specializing in creating nostalgic films for those in love.

Our specialty is capturing sweet moments that will last forever through bringing tender, love and care to your memories — treating your most cherished moments as if they were our own.

As a husband-and-wife duo, we know and value the core of what it is to be in love, so love is at the center of all we do. We are set apart because of our chosen perspective when documenting your special day that is true-to-emotion and sentimental.  Through a Super 8 camera passed through generations, we bring a special touch in shooting Super 8 film, allowing your memories to have an everlasting, vintage feel - for all the moments and years to come. 

Years go by fast and memories are fleeting, don't let them be forgotten! Let us preserve your cherished memories for you and yours, so you can relive these moments all over again and share them with who you love most. 

why we do what we do 

A memory like no other

Capturing a special season or the engagement season - your love deserves to be celebrated through films and photographs.

Starting at 450

Never forget the moments when one question, one moment - changed everything.

Starting at 600

Capture your "i do's" either just the two of you or with your closest people beside you. 

Local + Destination Elopements

starting at 1500

Get in contact to receive the investment guide of your choice for your dream Wedding cinema experience. 

Local Weddings
Out of State Weddings
Destination Weddings
Weekend Weddings

starting at 2800

Your wedding day captured fully on super 8 film

Life is filled with so many important milestones. Graduation, birthdays, giving birth, and so much more. Don't let a milestone pass you by. 

Starting at 250


Couples // 




Just Super 8 Weddings

Keep eyes on your brand longer through videos that showcase what you're about and grab a reader's attention

Starting at 350

Branding Sessions




Proposals // Engagement


Lifestyle Milestones

Local and Destination Elopements

Local, out of state, international, and weekend experience weddings

Super 8 Weddings

starting at 350

Starting at 675

Starting at 580

Starting at 375

Starting at 2295

Starting at 5500

Starting at 2800











+ we're for all the chats

Whether it’s via Zoom, over the phone or in person, we're committed to valuing intentional time with you so your film embodies your truest form of memories

+ Full days coverage

From morning to night or Monday to Monday // all your most special  memories are safe with us. 

+ Films built off emotion  - not a formula

We strive to unite quality, emotion + intention into each and every film. Making our films never look like another and always built to truly reflect the feel of your day

+ client and content portals

+ All Raw footage

+ Super 8 films

Keeping you involved in the creation, inspiration and expectations of your film from start to finish.

We let go of our ego so you can keep every memory close

A vintage and personal touch that adds some fun and brings a timeless nature to your film or captures your day to completion

Why our clients love us

Wedding Film Experiences Starting at 5500

Collection 03

Collection 01

Collection 02

Each collection  always includes  The Bloom client experience, final prep curation calls, super 8 reel,  all the raw footage, one storyteller and professional audio coverage of all the moments you desire.

For the one who doesn't want one moment left behind


+ Up to 12 hours of wedding day coverage

+ Welcome party coverage

+ Super 8 reel + film

+ Additional Cinematographer

+ Adventure//engagement session + film

+ Preview film (2 weeks after your wedding date)

+ 7-8 minute documentary film

+ Full ceremony + reception films

+ Adventure//engagement session + film

+ Digital Collection Delivery 

Let's create together | Get in touch Here

The Lily Collection

The Peony Collection

One of our favorites and one of your favorites. For the one who wants their day captured highlighting the most important moments. 


+ 10 hours coverage

+ Additional cinematographer

+ Super 8 reel + film

+ Adventure//engagement session + film

+ Preview film (delivered 2 weeks after wedding date)

+ 5-6  minute documentary film

+ All raw footage delivered by hard-drive 

+ Digital collection delivery 

*a client favorite*

The Daffodil Collection

From a more intimate wedding to just wanting your most special memories and moments captured - this ones for you


Let's create together | Get in touch here

+ 8 hours coverage

+ One cinematographer

+ Adventure//engagement session + film

+ Preview film (2 weeks after your wedding date)

+ 4-5  minute documentary film

+ All raw footage delivered unedited  by hard-drive
+ Digital collection delivery 

   Through your free consult call we chat about your love story, your wedding and your future Love in Bloom wedding film. We go off of what you already know and curate your dream wedding film collection --- together 

Our time together

  Next, it's all up to you. You can bring more to the collection we already made or you can continue creating your own through our ala carte options. By following some dotted lines and putting a deposit down, we are ALL yours and the dream journey just got started.

    Really all that's left is to stay in touch and await the day that holds the utmost nostalgia -  your wedding day. We value being chosen to experience  this  day alongside you so we prepare to serve you the best and to make you feel comfortable feeling all the feels in front of our camera.



      Whether it's through your content portal, client portal or through good 'ole email we stay connected to you always. Here, we're alllll about collaboration and understanding YOU so we always encourage you to send us inspiration films, your pinterest board and even your own home videos to help make your wedding film truly yours. 



not here for a long time, but a fun time

Ah, the best part of the process. Stitching YOUR memories together in a way that makes sense to the story we captured. Morgan sits down and deep dives into the variety of different shots captured, organizes them for her and you, and then embarks on the most difficult process  -  finding music. 

Music is one of the most important aspects (and a favorite) especially when finding songs that aligns to the vibe of the day and our own unique editing style. It's the first step of the insanely amazing editing process. From the music to color grading and to perfecting the film that will last lifetimes - our heart and soul are truly behind each and every life event we film. We care about captivating your story correctly that even hours after work we may find that we need to start all over to get your love, your story, your memories .... just right. 

Film Style + Production




where your Forever home video is born




I love seeing my clients get passionate and excited for their wedding film. Having a content portal where inspiration is shared along with your own home videos really gets the party started and it creates a film made with love and intention, not only from Love in Bloom — but from you and your life long lover.

Be more than just a part of the film – be a part of the story – 

Your Personal Touch

“Morgan was amazing to work with! She is such a sweet person and has a passion for what she does. Her portal made everything so easy from start to finish. You can have as many conversations with her so she knows exactly what you want for your wedding video.”

your wedding film oasis aka content portal

Haley & Ryan

Getting your unedited photos back is a worlds different than getting unedited videos back. It is so difficult to explain in one paragraph, but when you view an unedited video, it's pretty obvious. No cuts, no music, no color grading, etc - its just a memory that we happened to capture. 

Do we love  the aspect of giving you shaky, "imperfect" video? No, definitely not, but that is when we say no to us and yes to your memories. If you want an easier viewing experience when you just have to hit play on the most replayed moments of the day, let us know and we can talk to you about the edited raw footage suite. 

Raw Footage

We lose our ego so you don't lose your memories

The other special moments of life

Get in touch

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share this journey in true nature