July 13, 2022

Morgan Salinas

Love in Bloom’s Brand Launch

All About Our Branding

Here you’ll get a behind the scenes look of went into this wedding videographer’s branding. From the name, to the colors and all the little pieces in-between. Love in Bloom is a husband and wife wedding videography team located in Washington D.C.

Behind our Name – Love in Bloom

What once was “Morgan Danielle Productions,” soon turned into Love in Bloom Films. A year into filming weddings I, Morgan, knew the name needed to change. As many businesses develop the branding changes, but I never had any branding that matched my vision. I could never embody all that my brand was, and is, and what I wanted it to be. With that, I decided to hire Alexia, from Studio Alexia (@studioalexiaxo), to make all my ideas finally come to life!

As our product began getting more consistent with our craft and overall client experience I soon realized we stick out. The product we bring sets us apart with a full experience that goes beyond just our boutique highlight films. The name needed to go above my own name especially since my husband recently joined in on the fun. So, before the visual brand came to life, Love in Bloom was born – here’s how I chose our brand name.

Why Flowers?

One day I read a bible verse that made me want to have a flower a part of the brand. At the time, I was planning my own wedding. After reading Matthew 6 the flower budget went up and the first foundational brand idea came to life.

The name

I never thought the word”love” would be a part of our brand name, especially with weddings as our main service. However, when looking at aspects of relationships and life seasons, it was hard to keep out. When analyzing love journeys, the comparison of it to a flower was easy. Every stage of life or relationship is similar to the natural journey that a flower goes through. In nature, each season brings new blooms. Comparatively, love looks different in every stage, or season, of a relationship. With a wedding day, it is only the start of a new stage in the relationship. The flower just bloomed. That shows the reason for “in bloom.”

That is what love means to Love in Bloom. Love is a garden with a bunch of different buds that blossom into something more. A wedding day is like that. The beginning of a new relationship is like that. A season of life is like that.

The Visual Brand

This husband-and-wife creative duo is here to make your sweetest memories last a lifetime. Refined, sentimental, sweet, romantic, to-the-core, and always down for a good time — Love in Bloom’s personality & values are represented in every inch of their brand identity. From their informative & beautiful logos, to their unique color palette that sets them apart from the rest of their industry, to their purpose-packed packaging & print — Love in Bloom creates an experience unlike any other.

Studio Alexia

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