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Hey there! I'm Morgan, the owner and your main friend here at Love in Bloom. I'm a wedding videographer based in Washington D.C., capturing as many memories, in as many places, for as many friends, as I can. 

If you need to know anything about me, know that I am one sentimental chick. I think memories are some of our greatest treasures on earth, which is why I put such care into capturing them for anyone and everyone. I know that the importance of looking back on your memories is unmatched, which is why I love being your cheerleader behind the lens to help preserve life's most cherished memories for you.

So, I was the girl in grade school who brought her camera to film indoor recess when it rained and the girl that always filmed Christmas morning, even as an adult. All that I've recorded for myself growing up is my version of a journal that now I can laugh at, cry at, embarrass myself with, but most of all – never forget these stuck-in-time memories. 

And now, my heart lies in documenting your memories with care as if they were my own — because everyone deserves to have their memories preserved for a lifetime.

Hi, I’m Morgan!

Hi! I'm Adolfo. Not only am I the other part of the Love in Bloom duo, but I'm Morgan's other half, too.

In 2022, I joined my wife, Morgan, to be another storyteller for Love in Bloom. When we aren't capturing your moments together, I handle funerals during the week for the military and do weddings on the weekends. You call it ironic, but I call it full circle.

I have a golden retriever personality, as Morgan says, and say "I appreciate you," way  too much, but what can I say — I love people. 

On wedding days, you'll most definitely find me on the dance floor and reaching all the heights my wife can't.

Thanks for stopping by to learn about me before we make some memories together. I can't wait to meet you! 

Hi, Adolfo here!



"Love in Bloom allows your memories to last lifetimes."

We strive to hold your memories as high as our own by taking intentional time to learn your story and your "why" for life. We prioritize communication in everything we do and love having our clients, not only be a huge part of the process, but also get stoked for all their wedding film will hold.

We capture captivating memories with a true-to-emotion style so your memories feel like your memories — nobody else's.

I had been capturing my own memories my whole life, and then found my grandparents Super 8 films in a dusty corner of their basement. I got the films digitized and fell in love with the feeling of seeing my family's history in motion, right before my eyes. I took that inspiration and ran with it, and now myself, and now the hubby, preserve life's most meaningful moments for the future grandchildren of the world.

Our mission:

How it happens:

Where it all started:

“Every wedding, every session, no one is the same. Your story will be different from the last — and this ignites our passion all over again.”

We host a collaborative opportunity in our client experience that you have the choice to be a part of. Share what inspires you, share your own memories with us, or don't! We have a door open that allows you to bring more personality and an individualistic nature to your film. We do this with each film, but we allow you to be a part of it or we can do it for you. Anything and everything is possible here. 

We believe the most important seasons + moments of life come with a bucket load of emotions. Family is huge motivator for us. Because of our intention to make these emotions last forever through films and photographs, it makes the act of capturing these moments that much more special. I'm honored to be a part of this life journey of yours – even if it is just for one day. 

All humans are born different, so we strive to compliment, highlight, and elevate what makes you, you. Our ever changing, timeless, yet consistent approach makes this happen, as we get to know your heart in the process.




The one where everything comes together.

It's your wedding day — you can't believe it's here and we can't believe we get to be in these moments with you. We have partnered with you throughout this experience, and now it's time to capture your wedding day through partnership with your photographer. Through phone calls and prior timeline shares, your photographer and I are practically BFFs. We'll be spending the most time with you, so collaboration is a must for us. 

Morgan and Adolfo divide and conquer during the special moments of getting ready — from parents adjusting your attire, to letter readings that make our heart throb. Love in Bloom is a team, which allows us to capture two moments that are happening simultaneously, without missing a beat. 

Your day is documented starting with the getting ready prep through to the ceremony and reception (and maybe even your after party, if you'll have us!). Moments are captured right there, in the center of it all or as a wallflower behind the scenes. We simply never stop and will likely share footage and angles that you don't even remember yourself, so you can relive every aspect of your special day over and over again.

I'm a grandma living in a 23 year-old's body.

You're probably here because you want some fun facts, so here we go:

Reading is my jam — like, I do it for fun, and you'll never find me watching TV. My faves range from romance to thrillers, and I love non-fiction biographies about cultural history. If you have any recs, send 'em my way!

I will happily get to bed by 9 o'clock, even on a weekend.

I adore painting, even if I do suck at it.

I love learning about new cultures. My favorite way to do so is by traveling and immersing myself into that genuine culture. My biggest pet peeve is when I feel like a tourist, so I try to learn as much as I can about a place so I can feel right at home there.

That’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favorite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours, too!)

"love is the flower that you've got to let grow"

- John Lennon


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Started dating long-distance

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No two stories are the same. That's why we make sure to highlight the true and pure  moments of your story to capture the beauty of you, for you.